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As unique and original as your memories, this is a unique and original service.  This service is a collaborative effort.  To bring your Memory Bear home, you'll need to do the following: 

  1. To launder or not to launder.  The smells of vanilla and cinnamon, the scent of an aftershave - fabric retains smells that can suddenly and immediately evoke a presence and emotion.  Decide whether or not you want to retain the scent of the cloth or not, I don't wash or clean the fabric.

  2. If the item has spots or stains, ask yourself if these are part of the memory that you'll want as part of the Memory Bear.  Grass stains, a splotch of blueberry pie from a long ago Fourth of July picnic...sometimes it is the unexpected and the imperfection of life's moments that bring laughter and joy.  If the item is stained, let me know if you want the stains worked into the bear's design or if you want the bear built by avoiding them.

  3. Send the description and relevant information about the fabric by
    Cell: 330-842-2008
       Vicki Andrews
       P.O. Box 361
       Hartville, OH 44632

My unique service includes: 

  1. A free estimate and personalized consultation regarding your memory and your bear.  Prices start at $70 plus shipping and insurance.

  2. Once I have confirmed your information and you have sent the item to the above address, I'll be in contact with you and will begin to build your Memory Bear.  Some items may just be too small, in this event I will consult with you concerning additional fabric needed to make a complete bear.

  3. A wonderful Memory Bear (and more closet space in 2-3 weeks!)  The Memory Bear is approximately 18" tall.  Large enough to cuddle and small enough to share a chair

Portraits and Art

Contact me by email regarding this very personal and specialized service.  The older photos in black and white are especially wonderful to draw in graphite -- the drawing can fill in the areas that might be cracked or faded.  The price depends on how many people are in the photo, how much foreground and background and if the portrait is in colored pencil or graphite.

The botanical drawings are for sale, both originals and prints.


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